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How to Create
Memory Books for
Your Preschool

Memory Books... Just for Preschools!


Begin creating your beautifully designed Memory Books in less than 5 minutes!

Yearbooks...not just for K-12 anymore!

We at Schoolhouse Memories understand the unique challenges preschools face in trying to create Memory Books.

The simple fact is that you are not like elementary schools...the activities and programs for each of your classes are completely different.

And with all of these various activities, we know it can be challenging to compile the hundreds of pictures you take throughout the year, and create a book with any sort of consistency.

Well, now there's another option...

We are Schoolhouse Memories. A full service publishing company that has developed Memory Book Creator™ software exclusively for preschools.

Memory Book Creator™ is Memory Book creation software that has over 150 beautifully designed preschool themes installed, which allows you to...

Create a Memory Book for each class!
or even...
Create one for each child!

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Memory Book Creator™ is very easy to use.

Simply download it to your desktop and double-click to get started...and here's where it gets fun...

  • Select your themed pages
  • Drag and drop your pictures
  • Add your captions
  • And you're done! It's that easy!

    But what if we don't have your theme?
    What if you want to create your own pages using    your logo and your own designs?

    Well that's the best part...

    Every theme is completely customizable!
    Each component can easily be fine-tuned to represent your school's specific activities and programs!

    Installed Themed Pages Include:

    • Administration
    • Muffins with Mom
    • Donuts with Dad
    • Nap Time
    • Lunch
    • Pajama Day
    • Outside Play
    • Music
    • Spanish
    • Friends
    • Thanksgiving
    • Visit from Fire Department
    • Visit From the Police Department
    • Learning Time
    • ...and Many, Many More.

    Memory Books Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

    Our experienced staff specialize in preschool Memory Books and will be there every step of the way to help you with your project!

    Download Memory Book Creator™ today and experience how fun and easy it is to create your Memory Books!





    Why Memory Books?


    It's time to show off!

    You spend hundreds of hours planning and structuring a fun, loving, and educational environment for your students.

    You teach your students.

    You play with your students.

    They play with each other.

    And many students are experiencing
        an exciting new world for the very first time.

    Memory Books capture these moments!

    Show your parents how much fun the kids have at school!

    Memory Books tell a story.

    ...a story of learning, of socializing, of confidence-building, and of fun!

    Every day your students tell their parents what they did at school. Why not show them, too?

    Memory Book Creator™ takes only a few minutes to download and is 100% free.

    And maybe the best benefit of all...'s one more way to make the kids smile.









    Step 1:
    Register and download
    Memory Book Creator™

    Step 2:
    We'll mail you Order Forms. Distribute and Collect the
    Order Forms from your parents

    Step 3:
    Create your Memory Books.

    Step 4:
    Each teacher completes and uploads her (or his) Memory Books. Once all uploads are complete, choose your billing method. You only pay for what you upload.

    Step 5:
    Schoolhouse Memories creates your 8.5 x 11 full-color, hardback, or paperback Memory Books.

    Shipping is always free!


    "Whose child is this?"
    I asked one day,
    Seeing a little one
    outside at play.

    "Mine" said the parent
    with a tender smile,
    "Mine to keep
    a little while.

    To bathe his hands
    and comb his hair.
    To tell him what
    he is to wear.

    To prepare him that he
    may always be good.
    And each day do
    the things he should."

    "Whose child is this?"
    I asked again,
    As the door opened
    and someone came in.

    "Mine," said the teacher
    with a tender smile,
    "Mine to keep
    just for a little while.

    To teach him how
    to be gentle and kind.
    To train and direct
    his dear little mind.

    To help him live
    by every rule.
    And get the best
    he can from school."

    "Whose child is this?"
    I asked once more,
    Just as the little one
    entered the door.

    "Ours", said the parent
    and the teacher as they    smiled.
    And each took a hand
    of the little child.

    "Ours to love
    and nurture together.
    Ours this blessed
    task forever."

    ~Author Unknown~